Monday, November 3, 2014

3 Ways To Enhance Your Bulk Email Marketing Strategy

Most businesses use some form of bulk email marketing to get their product, brand, service or company front and center in the minds of their customers. However, email marketing that is never read, or even worse marked as spam, is not effective and may actually be hurting your ability to reach new clients and customers.
The key to a successful bulk email marketing strategy is to know what information you want to provide to your customers, what your customers want to know to get them interested in your products, and what types of writing, content and marketing campaigns actually generate trips to your website to make a purchase.
This is all information that is available from a bulk email marketing service that offers tracking options. Using the analytics available today prevents you from simply thinking that your customers find value in your emails to actually having the data that backs up that claim. 
Newsletters are a wonderful way to both promote your business and products as well as provide selective information for your customers about what you want them to buy. By carefully selecting your newsletter content to address how your products and services can fill a need in their life your bulk email marketing campaign will generate interest in your website and increased sales.
To monitor this use a bulk email marketing program that offers link tracking. This will allow you to see if customers get to your website by clicking on links from your newsletters. 
Targeted Promotions
Another essential consideration is to have some way through your bulk email marketing service to track customer interests, purchases and their geographic locations. This will provide you with the data you need to target your newsletters, promotions or even special event sales to only those that the information is relevant for. 
Set Up Reminders or Reorders
Sending customers a reminder or reorder form through bulk email marketing is a simple way to ensure that they order again from your company. These emails can be custom set depending on the reorder timeline based on the customer’s initial purchase. 
There is so much more to bulk email marketing campaigns than just sending out a sales flyer or a brochure. To take full advantage of the options you do need to collect information and data through tracking and not just rely on what you think is working.

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