Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Target Email Marketing

Why Targeted Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the best internet marketing strategies. It is a cost effective, simple and faster advertising process which can be adopted both by small-scale as well as large-scale companies for improved business. In today’s trend of competitive marketing, targeted email marketing is what everyone is preferring for their online advertising needs.

Targeted email marketing as the name suggests is a more specific kind of email marketing process in which the advertiser sends out the promotional email messages only to specific type of people who he thinks can be interested in his products or services. Compared to the traditional bulk or mass email marketing format, this email marketing strategy targets only particular groups of relevant prospects and therefore reduces the risk of spam emailing problems. For those who have the best knowledge of their type of audience, can adopt this online marketing strategy to get the higher returns on investment.

With target email marketing strategies one can promote their services or sell their products better. They can mail newsletters, offers and discounts information to their customers regularly and send out series of mails revolving around the same topic to their targeted prospects so that their prospects start identifying their brand better and therefore think about it first whenever they are ready to buy. Target email marketing campaign can therefore generate both, the sales leads through possession of new customers and get repeated sales from existing customers, when done properly.

How to Select a Target Email Marketing Company?

To get the best results of the targeted email marketing, it is important that you hire the services of reliable and reputed email marketing firm that can design your email marketing campaign to best suit your needs and at a cost effective price. Do look out for a company that has got lots of targets and consumer types available on their website for you to see and choose from for your targeted email marketing needs.  A good targeted email marketing company will generally offer services through which best company mails with compelling ad designs and most relevant offers can be created and forwarded to the apt group of prospects. It will help you decide who your best target audience and will offer services for real-time tracking of your email campaign as it starts. They will provide you with regular reports on your campaign and will keep you updated about the progress of the mail marketing activity being performed by them.

Why and What Kind of Email Marketing Software Should You Use?

Email marketing is one of the most popular marketing methods. Most of companies today, both small and big are opting for email marketing process for improved business. This is because email marketing is a comparatively more affordable, faster, simple, effective and result oriented form of marketing. There are two options with which the companies today get their email marketing done. One is the email marketing software and other is email marketing service of another company. With email marketing services, one has to depend on third party and will have to spend repeatedly to keep their email marketing campaigns running which is not the case with email marketing software which can be purchased once and used for any number of times to run any number of email campaigns effectively without having to depend on someone else for the services.

Email marketing software allows sending of personalized bulk email messages to a multitude of subscribers or potential costumers thereby maximizing and speeding up the process of direct marketing.  It makes the task of frequent contact with potential customers much more efficient and easy. With email marketing software, one does not have to worry about sending out the mails frequently as campaigns can be custom scheduled go out in a few days, a few weeks or even a few months as per requirements. Most of the email marketing softwares come with a gamut of email templates, which can be used to make a business message appear more attractive, friendly or reliable. Email marketing software usually maintains database of subscriber information. From the database, mass emails can be easily sent out to a specific subscriber range and patterns among clients can easily be kept track of. An advanced email marketing software will also allow you to execute tasks like tracking of client responses, preferences, click rate, and fields visited by email recipients with which you can effectively monitor the success of your email marketing campaign.

Looking at all the above uses, it is obvious that using email marketing software will be very advantageous for business looking for online email promotion. But the question may arise out in your mind that what kind of software should you purchase or what are the features which you should look into while purchasing email marketing software.

While buying email marketing software, one should always prefer for efficient and affordable software from a reputed company. Always look out for the software that supports following features

  • Automatic storing of emails which can be edited later.
  • Variety of email templates and colorful professional themes for personalizing emails.
  • Sending of any type of communication mails including newsletters, special offers, follow-up emails, member notices, customer service announcements, affiliate emails, invitations etc.
  • Email authentication features which enable protection from spam, blacklists and filters.
  • Analytics tools which track all of your history and current live campaigns. Campaign monitoring options like tracking of client responses, preferences, click rate, and fields visited by email recipients etc.
  • Customized and unlimited email campaign and mailing lists creation.
  • Custom email scheduling.
  • Permission features such as double opt-in confirmation and one-click unsubscribe which gives one complete control of email marketing campaign.

Why Should You Opt for Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a form of marketing or advertising through internet where in the advertisers send out promotional email messages to their prospects. Bulk emails can be sent out to large number of prospects through email marketing. Email marketing can be advantageous because today internet has the got highest traffic and therefore with email as the medium of marketing, it becomes very easy to reach out to the millions of people out there conveniently without having to put in more efforts or money. No matter wherever you are and whomever you want to reach out, emails will easily make out the way. Even in the terms of costs, email marketing will be more beneficial for you than the other forms. As compared to the traditional paper-based marketing methods, email marketing will cost you nearly 75% less thereby helping you make huge savings for your business. Time, money and resources all will be saved with email marketing.

When done properly with apt messages sent to the right people at right time, email marketing will help you get the best results of marketing. It will enhance your relationship with your current or previous customers, while helping you acquire new customers for improved business profits. With email marketing, you will be able to send out highly personalized and captive HTML email messages to persons you target. You can innovatively create effective email campaigns using popular media like graphics, videos, music, quiz, games or whatever you think can grab the attention of your prospects and interest them the most. Moreover it is not so difficult to create an email marketing campaign. It is very simple and you can even do it sitting at home without any extensive resources required. Just with minimum knowledge and email marketing software, you can do email marketing yourself. These softwares very often offer some special tools like measure click-through rate tool, conversion rate tool, option of how a person one arrived at your website and various other optional tools with which you can easily and extensively assess the success of your email campaigns.

If you think you cannot do this for yourself then you also have an option to hire out an email marketing service of another company. Today there are number of professional email marketing service providers in the market who offer marketing services at cost effective prices. But care should be taken that you hire only a reliable and efficient email marketing company without getting messed up with fraud ones.

Today new forms of email marketing called targeted email marketing and opt-in email marketing are much in demand. Most of them are now going for these forms of email marketing because these are spam free forms of email marketing. With target email marketing, the mails can be sent out only to those customers who have agreed to receive the mails from you. You can select your targets based on geography, age, income, spends, and many other parameters and moreover with opt-in and opt-out options you can shortlist your prospects and reach only those genuine ones who you think might require your services, solutions or products without bothering those who do not.

So email marketing offers you a low cost, simple, effective, fast and highly targeted marketing tool. Then why not opt for it?

Bulk Email Marketing

What is Bulk Email Marketing?

Bulk email marketing is form of marketing where services and product marketing mails of a company are sent over to number of recipients for promotion purposes. The number of recipients of this bulk e-mail may vary from hundreds to even thousands per email. Bulk email marketing is one of the best and cost effective ways to reach out to hundreds of potential customers in the least time possible. The companies who go for this powerful email marketing option generally hire the bulk email marketing service or purchase efficient email marketing software from the vendor for their mass email marketing needs. However it may be done either through software or from third party services bulk email marketing has got its own advantages and disadvantages associated with it. They are as follows

Advantages of Bulk Email Marketing

Reach to Largest Customer Base

The first and foremost advantage of bulk email marketing is that it allows sending mails or advertising to a largest customer base that is now available on internet. Today internet is the largest customer base and through bulk email marketing you are able to advertise your products and services to this huge prospect base without having to travel to them, talk to them or requiring to put any other efforts to reach out to them. Therefore bulk email marketing is one of the easiest procedures to carry out online marketing.

Low Cost

Mass emailing is one of the most cost effective procedures of online marketing. Through mass emailing you can send out thousands of mails with minimum costs. It does not matter whether you are hiring the bulk emailing services of third party or using bulk email mailer for the task, the costs are always comparatively low in bulk emails than other forms of marketing.

Less Time

Mails are sent instantly to the recipients and therefore through bulk marketing procedure you can reach out to your large online prospect base with your service and product information within a shortest time period.

Personalized Mail Marketing  

As compared to physical print media it is easier and cheaper to personalize emails for marketing. One can send emails with a private touch to each receiver instead of boring standard message formats. Today most of email marketing softwares are equipped with templates which can help you make your email marketing campaign even more personalized and effective.

So finally we can say that with bulk email marketing, most number of prospects can reached out with attractive mails within shortest time at most affordable price. It is one of most cost effective and quickest forms of marketing in which both time and money are saved.

Advantages of Using Email Marketing Software for Email Campaign

Email marketing is a form of online marketing where mails are the core means of communication and information distribution between the prospects and the business. The software or computer application that is used to perform this task can be called as email marketing software. An email marketing software has the capacity to send bulk emails to any number of targeted prospects and is the best tool to carry out the frequent bulk email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing software will consist of a database which stores the history of messages, contact information and campaign statistics. It normally uses an online interface to create, send and receive the messages. This interface is equipped with features like contact importing, reporting, contact entry and message sending to enable the easy message creation and sending procedures. Most of the email marketing softwares provide beautiful templates, designs and easy-to-use email creation wizards with which it is very easy to develop customized mails. However the present day craze is for the HTML emails which are very attractive in look and that are known to increase the sales much more times than the traditional ones. Most of the modern softwares are equipped to support HTML format and with these softwares designing customized HTML bulk email campaigns is really very easy.

With the email marketing software, email campaigns can be designed and delivered in just a few minutes and can be also tracked and analyzed from the beginning to the end of the process. The software provides more effectiveness to the email marketing campaigns by going in to smallest details. Based on one’s campaign requirements it can be tuned up to send information at different specified times and at regular intervals to remind the consumer of the product. In some of the advanced marketing software you can also set up multiple email promotions within a single email campaign. For example both the promotion for products and messages about business opportunity can be sent simultaneously with software. Using email marketing software is the best way to regularly send out email marketing newsletters to the subscribers and to promote the new products.

Now-a-days, many businesses are using the power of email marketing software to market their products. The basic idea is to save up time and extra costs that are usually put in for the hosted services. With the software, it’s just one time cost and you can design your own email campaigns and send to your customers any number of times without recurring charges encountered with hosted services. Email marketing software will normally support unlimited number of lists, unlimited subscribers, unlimited databases, unlimited campaigns and unlimited mailings so you can send any number of messages to any number of prospects without worrying about the costs which usually goes high with increasing number of customers in the case of services. With your own email marketing system you will have much power over your messages, the data interaction, the list segmentation, the timing, the reports and everything related to your campaign. Everything will be in your control and therefore you will not have to rely or wait until someone else does the job for you.

Why Opt for Permission Email Marketing?

In the present day’s technology savvy world, internet has become prime source of business generation. From searching of product information to buying and selling products everything is done online today. It is because of this reason that more and more businesses are now shifting towards internet and opting for online promotions in order to generate more leads and profits. One of the most popular forms of online promotions today is email marketing. In email marketing the prospects or audience are communicated electronically through mails. The business promotion mails are sent out to large number of recipients in bulk for the sake of enhanced profits and brand awareness. The only notorious thing about this act is the spam problem where some companies send useless information to millions of people who do not want to receive this information. The companies who follow this method of spam mailing are usually punishable. They could be banned from the internet itself, or from the search engines or from the web hosting company. So it is always advisable to not to use these illegal methods of advertising. Instead using the fair methods like permission email marketing could give your business the best drive while helping you maintain good customer relationships.

In permission based email marketing, the marketers get the permission of the recipients before sending them the business mails, newsletters or any other information. Here the email messages are only sent to the subscribers who requested them thus eliminating the negative consequences of unsolicited email messages or spam. Here usually the opt-in and double opt-in procedures are used to confirm the recipient’s interest in receiving messages. Additionally, the recipients are also allowed to unsubscribe at any time and all email messages are clearly identified as coming from the approved sender.

So as your potential customer has given you the permission to send emails, this is a totally legal and safest procedure of email marketing solution where in there is absolutely no fear of legal proceeding being taken against your company. The best advantage is that you are promoting your business only to those who are interested in your products and services and therefore this will save up your costs and time that might be spent unnecessarily in the case if you had opted for blind mass email marketing. Moreover this will not disturb your image as a spammer and will help improve your relationships and business with your existing clients in a fruitful way.

As compared to the traditional direct marketing programs which can take months for implementation and getting results, an efficiently designed permission email marketing campaign can be executed in days and will give results in reduced time. Even the number of emails sent are comparatively lesser in these permission marketing programs and therefore are easier to maintain, evaluate and track. A highly targeted opt-in email campaign will always result in better response rates than other types of online marketing because you are promoting only to your targeted prospects. Interests of both the recipients as well as businesses are saved through this procedure.

Different Forms of Email Marketing

With the passing time, newer methods and tools of business or website promotion on internet have constantly come up to provide the marketers easy and result-oriented methods of marketing. Today there are so many different methods with which driving in good traffic from various sources to a specific website is really easy and fast. However there are always some best and proven methods which give better results than others. And one of these is email marketing.

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial messages to an audience. This is usually done with the purpose of enhancing the relationship of a business or company with its current or previous customers. With effective email promotion, the businesses can encourage their customer loyalty, generate repeated business from existing customers or can make up new customers for increased profits. With email based internet marketing the businesses can promote their new products or services range among their customers. They can easily reach out to their existing clients while creating brand awareness among the unknown too. Email marketing can drive awesome business benefits to organization if done effectively and in a proper way but when done incorrectly it can be similarly destructive eroding brand equity and will turn your happy clients into litigious flamers. So legal email marketing is always best way for business promotion on internet. There are different ways of how email marketing can be done for effective business promotion. Few are listed below

Bulk email marketing is a mass emailing method which can be done for a variety of purposes from introducing a new product or service to sending out a customer satisfaction survey. In this method normally email marketing campaign is conducted with the help of an email marketing software program or third party service to create and send professional business messages to the existing and new clients. Today there are many software programs will also allow the user to track and manage the results with their bulk email promotion campaign so that the user can determine how effective the email campaign is.

There are some business owners who are satisfied with their initial sale, existing customer base and are not looking any farther out than that. For these merchants, targeted email marketing can prove to be the best profit drivers. In targeted marketing, the intended emails are sent out only to the specified members rather than to large group of unknown members. Here the businesses can promote their latest products and services upgradation among their existing customers and thus drive in repeated business from their loyal customers.

The bulk email marketing involves distributing mass emails but care should be taken in these efforts to prevent these emails from being interpreted as spam. The best ways to avoid this to have the prospective customers sign up for the email list which specifies that they are indeed interested in the product or service. This is called permission email marketing or opt-in email marketing. In opt-in email marketing the messages will be sent out only to those customers who have agreed to receive the messages from the organization. Unlike unsolicited advertisements, opt-in email advertisements will be more personal and relevant to the consumer and results in a high degree of satisfaction between consumers and marketers.

However the latest trend that has caught up new heights in email marketing field is the reseller email marketing. In this approach, a reseller purchases email marketing software from a reliable company, brands it as its own and then resells it to its clients while setting its own price. Using email marketing software the organizations can provide their clients with a value-added services and necessary tools to create an effective email marketing campaign themselves.