Monday, November 3, 2014

Three Reasons A Dedicated SMTP Server Is A Business Asset

In business, regardless of the size or the type, everything is either an asset or a liability. Those things that help your business grow, expand and thrive, such as a dedicated SMTP server, quality marketing and advertising programs, and use of social media are assets. Those that don’t benefit your company and cost you money are costly liabilities.

There are several ways that you can use your dedicated SMTP server asset to help your business, learn more about your email marketing campaigns, and even speed up how your email is being delivered to your customers and clients.

Avoid Becoming Spam
When you use a top company offering a dedicated SMTP server and management package you have the ability to literally track each and every email you send, even those bulk marketing emails. This is not offered through all packages and all companies, but it is an important option to consider.

With this ability you can easily eliminate people from your distribution lists and databases that are indicating that your marketing emails are spam. This will ensure that your company’s corporate ID is not compromised and that your emails get through to those that request them, open them and that value the information you provide.

Routing in the Fast Lane
With a dedicated SMTP server you never have to worry about your bulk delivery ending up in a queue waiting for everyone else’s bulk delivery to go through. Instead, the email will be send as soon as you schedule it and you can track it, in real time, to see just how quickly it reaches your customers and then when and how often they open it or click on embedded links.

Another benefit to consider with routing is that a dedicated SMTP server will always ensure that the routing for your email delivery is the fastest option. Your email will go from Point A to Point B quickly and efficiently.
Remember also that a top company that provides dedicated SMTP server services should also provide 24/7 support. This will ensure that your email is always up and running and integrates with all your current applications including webmail and bulk mail sending systems and applications.

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