Monday, August 11, 2014

Improve Your Newsletter Marketing Program With 3 Easy Tips

For a company that has spent years in building up a client base through newsletter marketing there comes a time to really evaluate the return on investment that the program provides. While companies that are using newsletter marketing specialists, freelance writers and consultants tracking and reporting on the system often have a good idea, many companies don't know how the newsletters are actually improving their business.

To avoid simple completing newsletter marketing programs that are not accomplishing anything positive you do need to take a closer look at how you are handling the campaigns and what information is available based on how your clients or customers are using your newsletters.

Track Everything

While this may seem like an impossible task if you are using a top bulk email service you will have the ability to track every email that you send. This means that you will easily be able to see in reports, often in real time, just when your newsletter marketing is being sent, when it arrives to your customer's inbox, when they open it and if they click on any of the links to take them to your website, social media site or to take any other action.

Do Not Sell

The biggest turn-off for consumers is opening newsletter marketing emails that are just high pressure sales emails. The top newsletters do have a call to action, or a prompt to get the customer to take action, but that isn't the most prominent part of the email.

Instead the newsletters offing information, coupons, discounts, contests or something of value that is related to the product or service you are trying to sell. When this is the focus of the email then customers will open them to look for new information, offers or options to consider without feeling they are just being spammed.

Professional Appearance

Sometimes newsletter marketing tends to look a bit like a cut and paste program, which in some cases is the reality. To avoid this look for a company that offers templates and design options that look professional.

By using premade templates while still adding your own content you have the option to fully customize the look without having to do everything on your own. This type of newsletter marketing program is the best received by customers, which means that is being read and perhaps even shared.

We have an amazing gallery of templates and images for your newsletter marketing program. To see our options contact us.

Three Mistakes To Avoid With Mass Email Marketing

In today's marketing world there are very few companies that don't engage in some type of mass email marketing. It could be weekly or daily sales or special emails, updates on loyalty points or reward programs, notification of new products or offers or any other range of different marketing tools and techniques.

However, many companies using mass email marketing are not using this tool effectively. This may be because they have not used mass email marketing service that provided analytics and data on how effective their campaigns are. It may also be that the company is simply unaware of the techniques that the top email campaigns use on a regular basis.

To start improving your mass email marketing and customer response check to make sure you are not making these common mistakes.

Sending Too Frequently

How frequently you send mass email marketing to your customers depends on several factors. One of the best ways to determine how frequently your customers what to receive your emails is to conduct a survey with your next email. You can ask customer to provide a number of emails per week, month or quarter and then group responses by the number they indicate.

This prevents the issue with sending mass email marketing that is unwanted and ends up getting tagged as spam or the customer unsubscribes.

Sending Excessive Images

Trying to add a bit of color and pop to your mass email marketing program is a great idea, but too many images, videos and animations cause a problem on many different types of devices. For customers will slow connections or that block images the email looks largely blank or takes forever to load. For those accessing email on mobile devices the images may to too small to see clearly, also creating a negative experience.

It is also important to have buttons and links in your mass email marketing program that allow you to track your customer's response to your email. This is the only way to find out what campaigns and advertising methods are effective with your customers so you can continue to include these in future, highly effective marketing campaigns using email.

We can provide full services for all your mass email marketing needs.

Try Out A Free Email Marketing Campaign For Your Company

It is understandable that a company needs to consider options before making a change or addition to the way that they do business. This is true for all elements of a business from marketing and advertising to how they produce their products or services. As a business that is interested in email marketing, using a free email marketing option prior to paying for a plan and service is a great option.

The key to finding the right free email marketing service is to look at the features that they offer. You want to be able to track and see reports on the marketing program to determine if it makes financial sense to include this in your company or business growth plans.

Social Integration

If you are considering using a free email marketing service for your next or your first email marketing campaign you should verify that it can be fully integrated with your existing or yet to be created social media sites. This allows you to maximize your company or business exposure through both.

You will be able to track how many people accessed your social media site from your newsletter and also how many people clicked on a link on your social media site to sign up for your newsletter or email marketing campaign.

Statistics and Reports

Needless to say all effective business decisions should be made through the use of data. Using a free email marketing service that provides reports and tracking that allows you to see which people on your lists are opening your emails and which are auto blocking or bouncing back your emails is critical.

By having this information you can clean up your contact lists and get rid of those that may be creating problems by reporting your emails as spam. If your free email marketing doesn’t offer this feature you may find that your online reputation becomes a problem. Look for a bulk email service that has a good relationship with the major ISPs and also understands any IPS volume restrictions to protect your company name.

There are some amazing free email marketing options out there if you just do some searching. This is a great way to try out an email service before making the decision that is the right one for your business.

We encourage you to try our free email marketing program.

Help Your Business By Becoming An Email Marketing Reseller

There are new options for businesses that are popping up in all types of industries, and one that is becoming increasingly popular is to use your existing bulk email service to become an email marketing reseller. This is not offered by all bulk email services but the top companies are aware that this is a program that their customers, and also their own business, can really benefit from.

How It Works

Basically as an email marketing reseller you will charge your clients a set fee to handled their bulk email and even transactional emails through your dedicated or transactional SMTP server. This makes a lot of sense since you have the server in place and you have the option to use up to a specific volume of emails. If you are not using up to that volume becoming an email marketing reseller allows you to capitalize on the difference while helping to cut your costs through revenue generation.

Another consideration is that typically the larger or the more advanced SMTP server plan that you have the lower the actual price per email is. This can actually be a significant difference, up to 0.02 cents per email, which may actually make it less costly for you. You can also add full Cloud services by actually moving up in your plan and then becoming an email marketing reseller.

You Have Control

The system, with top companies, is very easy to regulate and control. As the email marketing reseller, sometimes referred to as the Super reseller if you have multiple resellers under you, you have full access to a central control panel. This allows you to monitor all accounts and to even weed out any accounts that are using the service for spamming or any other type of unwarranted activities.

You will also have auto control to set up new accounts or to remove accounts for any type of policy violations. The resellers under you as well as their clients will have limited access to the system that allows them to access templates for emails, view relevant statistics, set up auto responder messages and even set up subscription forms and landing pages.

The result is that the email marketing reseller has full control over the system and each client has control over the elements of the system that are relevant to their needs.

If you are interested in becoming an email marketing reseller see us.

What Has Your Bulk Mail Service Done For Your Business?

Being able to track and analyze specific changes in a business campaign or marketing strategy is an essential part of making an informed decision. If you are using a bulk mail service that is not providing you with information that is of assistance in evaluating and improving your bulk email marketing sales and results then you aren't working with the right email service.

There are many top bulk mail service providers out there that have a range of different services that their clients have access to as part of the fees charge to handle all the bulk mail. These different features may require add-ons or additional charges, but they are typically the most worthwhile features for a business that really wants to understand what parts of their bulk mail service are the most effective.

Tracking Options

Just because you are using a bulk mail service doesn't mean that you shouldn't be able to track and trace every outgoing email. This is not just about when it was send and when it was delivered to the customer's inbox but also when the customer actually opened the mail and which, if any links, did the customer click on.

This type of tracking is invaluable in deciding what information and marketing programs are most effective with your customers. Remember you can create subgroups for marketing with different information in the email to create a personalized feel to each bulk mailing.


As a business you also know how important automation is to help to reduce your overhead costs, including the need to have a dedicated telephone or online sales force. By using a bulk mail service that provides automatic welcome letters, birthday wishes to your contacts, follow-ups after sales and even provides delivery and shipping notification you can focus in on the job of keeping your customer's satisfied.

Automation can also include sending out notices to all your contacts when you add a new website, revise a website, add a social media site or start a campaign on any or all social media platforms.

Top bulk mail service will also work for you in maintaining current contacts, providing information on why contacts unsubscribed and also automatically import new contacts as they connect with your business over social media or through your newsletters or website.

We are a bulk mail service provider that adds value to your business.