Monday, November 3, 2014

Tips For Setting Up A Great Corporate Email ID System

Choosing a uniform way to set up your corporate email ID that can grow as your business grows is an important consideration. Unfortunately many companies don’t stop to think about the little issues that can come up in setting up an email throughout a business and end up with unworkable email addresses. 
One of the least effective ways to set up your corporate email ID system is to simply allow employees to choose their own identification. This results in an inconsistent way to identify people throughout the company and can lead to emails constantly going astray. 
Choosing a Top Corporate Email ID
One of the first things that you need to do is decide on the corporate ID itself. Ideally it should link to your website or company name in a very clear and easy to determine way. For example if you are starting the XYZ Toy Company a good corporate email ID could be:
These clearly indicate your brand and allow people to easily email you even if they aren’t looking right at their contact list. Less effective email IDs would leave out the XYZ or the toy company information. 
Personal Identification
Having a personal approach to corporate email ID development is preferable over simply using a title or a department. This helps to create the interpersonal connection between your clients and your employees that is essential in business growth and client retention. 
Instead of having an email that is sent to “complaints”, “orders”, “techsupport” or “customerservice” use the actual person’s name that will be assisting the client in ordering, with technical support, or in placing an order. 
Personal Names
Having a standard way of identifying people in corporate email ID that is uniform throughout the company is also important so emails get where they are supposed to go. Use a standard system that can include first and last names, first initials and last names or any combination. 
Try to avoid just first names as your corporate email ID system as hiring two people with the same name then creates the need to add to the last hired email address that makes it out of synch with the others.

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