Monday, November 3, 2014

How To Increase Your Mass Email Marketing Contact List

There are a lot of different options to generate a list of people that want to be included in your company’s mass email marketing campaign. Unfortunately some companies use strategies and options that not only are irritating to customers but that are considered to be unethical and even against internet use policies. 
It is important to avoid mass email marketing where people have not elected to be included. In other words, have people opt-in to your emails rather than simply cold emailing from a list. Ideally customers will get to your opt-in button through visiting your website, interacting with your business Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram account or through actually providing their email at a trade fair or other type of personal interaction with your company. 
Current Customers
Asking your current customers, at the time of purchase, to opt into your mass email marketing program is a great idea. At this time they are interested in your products and your company and, if they get a welcome or thank you email and the newsletter attached, they can then choose to continue to receive them through the opt-in process. 
People do like practical, informative and relevant mass email marketing programs that share what they want to learn more about. Short stories, how to tips, videos, links to other resources and even ideas for alternative uses for products are all popular with consumers. 
Target Different People for Different Mass Email Marketing
Although it may be called mass email marketing, everyone that is on your contact list or in your customer database is not interested in the same things. Learning more about your customers through surveys during the sign-up process can be helpful in sending just the email marketing that they need to have. 
By shorting or categorizing clients or customers by interests, purchases and buying habits, geographic location, age or other relevant data you can easy tweak a newsletter to be relevant to many different groups. Using templates that are very user friendly further simplifies this process. 
Taking full advantage of different mass email marketing strategies to build your contact lists and customer databases is essential, but getting a top quality newsletter out to your customers is just as important.

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