Monday, August 11, 2014

What Has Your Bulk Mail Service Done For Your Business?

Being able to track and analyze specific changes in a business campaign or marketing strategy is an essential part of making an informed decision. If you are using a bulk mail service that is not providing you with information that is of assistance in evaluating and improving your bulk email marketing sales and results then you aren't working with the right email service.

There are many top bulk mail service providers out there that have a range of different services that their clients have access to as part of the fees charge to handle all the bulk mail. These different features may require add-ons or additional charges, but they are typically the most worthwhile features for a business that really wants to understand what parts of their bulk mail service are the most effective.

Tracking Options

Just because you are using a bulk mail service doesn't mean that you shouldn't be able to track and trace every outgoing email. This is not just about when it was send and when it was delivered to the customer's inbox but also when the customer actually opened the mail and which, if any links, did the customer click on.

This type of tracking is invaluable in deciding what information and marketing programs are most effective with your customers. Remember you can create subgroups for marketing with different information in the email to create a personalized feel to each bulk mailing.


As a business you also know how important automation is to help to reduce your overhead costs, including the need to have a dedicated telephone or online sales force. By using a bulk mail service that provides automatic welcome letters, birthday wishes to your contacts, follow-ups after sales and even provides delivery and shipping notification you can focus in on the job of keeping your customer's satisfied.

Automation can also include sending out notices to all your contacts when you add a new website, revise a website, add a social media site or start a campaign on any or all social media platforms.

Top bulk mail service will also work for you in maintaining current contacts, providing information on why contacts unsubscribed and also automatically import new contacts as they connect with your business over social media or through your newsletters or website.

We are a bulk mail service provider that adds value to your business.

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