Monday, August 11, 2014

Help Your Business By Becoming An Email Marketing Reseller

There are new options for businesses that are popping up in all types of industries, and one that is becoming increasingly popular is to use your existing bulk email service to become an email marketing reseller. This is not offered by all bulk email services but the top companies are aware that this is a program that their customers, and also their own business, can really benefit from.

How It Works

Basically as an email marketing reseller you will charge your clients a set fee to handled their bulk email and even transactional emails through your dedicated or transactional SMTP server. This makes a lot of sense since you have the server in place and you have the option to use up to a specific volume of emails. If you are not using up to that volume becoming an email marketing reseller allows you to capitalize on the difference while helping to cut your costs through revenue generation.

Another consideration is that typically the larger or the more advanced SMTP server plan that you have the lower the actual price per email is. This can actually be a significant difference, up to 0.02 cents per email, which may actually make it less costly for you. You can also add full Cloud services by actually moving up in your plan and then becoming an email marketing reseller.

You Have Control

The system, with top companies, is very easy to regulate and control. As the email marketing reseller, sometimes referred to as the Super reseller if you have multiple resellers under you, you have full access to a central control panel. This allows you to monitor all accounts and to even weed out any accounts that are using the service for spamming or any other type of unwarranted activities.

You will also have auto control to set up new accounts or to remove accounts for any type of policy violations. The resellers under you as well as their clients will have limited access to the system that allows them to access templates for emails, view relevant statistics, set up auto responder messages and even set up subscription forms and landing pages.

The result is that the email marketing reseller has full control over the system and each client has control over the elements of the system that are relevant to their needs.

If you are interested in becoming an email marketing reseller see us.

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