Monday, August 11, 2014

Try Out A Free Email Marketing Campaign For Your Company

It is understandable that a company needs to consider options before making a change or addition to the way that they do business. This is true for all elements of a business from marketing and advertising to how they produce their products or services. As a business that is interested in email marketing, using a free email marketing option prior to paying for a plan and service is a great option.

The key to finding the right free email marketing service is to look at the features that they offer. You want to be able to track and see reports on the marketing program to determine if it makes financial sense to include this in your company or business growth plans.

Social Integration

If you are considering using a free email marketing service for your next or your first email marketing campaign you should verify that it can be fully integrated with your existing or yet to be created social media sites. This allows you to maximize your company or business exposure through both.

You will be able to track how many people accessed your social media site from your newsletter and also how many people clicked on a link on your social media site to sign up for your newsletter or email marketing campaign.

Statistics and Reports

Needless to say all effective business decisions should be made through the use of data. Using a free email marketing service that provides reports and tracking that allows you to see which people on your lists are opening your emails and which are auto blocking or bouncing back your emails is critical.

By having this information you can clean up your contact lists and get rid of those that may be creating problems by reporting your emails as spam. If your free email marketing doesn’t offer this feature you may find that your online reputation becomes a problem. Look for a bulk email service that has a good relationship with the major ISPs and also understands any IPS volume restrictions to protect your company name.

There are some amazing free email marketing options out there if you just do some searching. This is a great way to try out an email service before making the decision that is the right one for your business.

We encourage you to try our free email marketing program.

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