Monday, June 30, 2014

3 Reasons You Haven’t Considered For Using A Professional SMTP Service Provider

Every ISP (Internet Service Provider) uses a server, a SMTP service provider, to allow you to send email. However, these SMTP servers are designed to handle personal emails and small bulk mailings. Most ISP SMTP servers are limited to about 250 emails per day and they will actively filter for what they can determine are bulk mailings using their free system.

Speed Up Business

For a business that is sending hundreds or thousands of emails a day an ISP SMTP server is too slow, too unreliable and too likely to filter out your emails. It also puts you at risk of being blacklisted with ISPs as a spammer. To prevent these issues companies of all sizes use a professional SMTP service provider. This gives you a dedicated IP address that is associated with all your emails, allows fast, reliable delivery and allows you to send literally as many emails per day as your computer system can handle.

While these are important reasons to choose a SMTP service provider there are other reasons that are essential from a business perspective.

SPF (Sender Policy Framework)

If you are using a professional SMTP service provider and have a dedicated IP then the company can identify the specific servers that will generate your emails. With this information hackers trying to set up phishing scams, sending messages that look like yours to your customers, will have much greater difficulty in getting those messages to your customers.


Depending on the SMTP service provider that you select the analytics that they offer can be absolutely invaluable. Imagine if you could know what links in your emails your clients or customers clicked on and even the date and time they clicked the link. In addition you can also track geographic locations, when the recipient opened and read your emails, what ISP your client is using, at what time of the day your emails have the greatest chance of being read across your contact lists and even who unsubscribes and why they do it.

If you haven’t considered all the benefits to using a professional SMTP service provider it is definitely worth a look. You may be surprised to find the opportunities you are missing by not having a provider working for your business. As a top SMTP service provider we know how to get your email to your clients.

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