Monday, June 30, 2014

Avoid Basic Mistakes To Improve Your E-mail Marketing Program

Despite the best intentions of many company owners, marketing directors and entrepreneurs, e-mail marketing campaigns often end up with few actual results. There are several reasons why e-mail marketing programs can be ineffective and these simple mistakes are easy to spot when email design and marketing professionals aren’t involved.

One of the biggest failures of homegrown e-mail marketing programs is that consumers have difficulty in signing up for the newsletter, whitepaper or report. You want to have buttons on your website, your Facebook page, links on your Twitter feed and all other social media sites to get customers to sign up. Of course, you also have to make it attractive to get them to leave their email address, which means coming up with a way to provide information, advice, support or tips that are of value to the audience you want to market to.

Provide Short Segments, Not Long Articles

Ideally keep your tips, segments, text blocks or information to a manageable amount. This means using bullets that are:

  • Short and to the point
  • Give the reader useful information
  • Highlight what you need them to know
  • Emphasize your brand, product and service

You can link to longer articles on your website for those that want to find out more.

Avoid Little Mistakes

Typing errors, grammatical mistakes, irregular punctuation or writing style and even the font type and size will either make your e-mail marketing newsletter or report attractive and professional or messy and unprofessional. The most common mistakes include using tiny font that is difficult to read or using a font type that isn’t clear. Cursive types of fonts or extremely ornate calligraphy types of fonts are a challenge for many people and they will simply click on the next email rather than try to figure out the content.

It is also important to consider your target audience and customize the e-mail marketing to meet their needs. This may mean having different newsletters going to different groups and lists based on their interests. While this may create more work, it also is the most effective way to make sure your e-mail marketing is read and not ending up in the spam folder. We can improve your e-mail marketing program using our proven strategies and techniques.

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