Monday, June 30, 2014

Top Reasons To Use A Dedicated SMTP Server

Regardless of why you have to send emails it is also important for a company to have the capacity to send the information they need to the people that need to have it. This may be sending newsletters, providing monthly billing statements to your customers or even sending out daily, weekly or monthly sales emails. Having a dedicated SMTP server to handle all your outgoing emails ensures that you have peace of mind for several different reasons.

Avoid Not Being Able to Send Emails

If you are using your ISP SMTP server you will quickly discover that there are a set number of emails that can be sent from an email address through the system per day. Depending on your ISP this could be as low as a hundred or as high as a few hundred. However, once you reach this number you won’t be able to access outgoing email, sometimes until the next day.

Guaranteed Delivery with Tracking Ability

Since a dedicated SMTP server will never be identified as spam by other ISP filters, you email will get to your customer’s inbox each and every time you send. In addition, when working with a dedicated SMTP server you don’t have to just assume that is true, you will have the ability to track, in real time, if your emails have been received, read or responded to. You will also be able to track if a customer clicks on a link in your email and even how many times they went back.

24/7 Tech Support

With a dedicated SMTP server you have a whole IT department to help you out if you experience any difficulty in sending your emails or in the event of any type of error message. Look for a company providing servers that offers a solid uptime of 99.9% and 24/7 technical support.

Company Reputation

Finally, with a dedicated SMTP server, your email is never going to be listed as spam and our company won’t have to try to correct being blacklisted when you are completing bulk email campaigns.

In addition you won’t accidentally be blacklisted if some other company using a shared SMTP server is doing something wrong; you will be the only one using that server. This, and the other reasons listed above, are certainly top reasons to go with a dedicated SMTP server for your bulk emails.

We have more information on the value of a dedicated SMTP server for your business.

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