Monday, December 15, 2014

The Benefits Of Using A Bulk Email Service For A Small Business

As a small business owner or a manager you may think that your current email provider is doing a great job handling your email needs. What you may not know if you are not using a bulk email service is that some of your emails, including your sales and marketing bulk emails, are either not being delivered or are ending up going directly to spam.  

The Problems with Your Email
The reasons that these issues happen has to do with how an email server both handles the outgoing bulk email and how the receiving email servers see it. When there are bulk emails sent from specific email addresses, and you are not using a bulk email service, they are simply tagged as spam and never hit your customer’s inboxes.

The other issue that you may not be aware of is that all email servers have a limit as to the number of outgoing emails they will process per day. This can be as low as 200 or much higher and it is based on the service and the system in use. If you are not using a bulk email service any emails over that amount may be queued until the system resets, typically in 24 hours, or they may simply be deleted off the system.  

The Answer is in a Bulk Email Service
A bulk email service, on the other hand, is set up to handle any number of outgoing emails without impacting your regular email server. You simply develop a professional looking email using a customizable template and send it through the bulk email service that has all your contacts in a database.

The system will quickly send all your emails, complete a track and trace, and even provide real time reports on when they are delivered to the customer’s inbox. Top systems can even go beyond that and tell you the time that your customers opened the email sent through the bulk email service and even if they opened the email more than once.

 Using a bulk email service is the only way for any sized business to make sure that their mass marketing campaigns are delivered, tracked, and don’t end up as spam.

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