Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why Opt for Permission Email Marketing?

In the present day’s technology savvy world, internet has become prime source of business generation. From searching of product information to buying and selling products everything is done online today. It is because of this reason that more and more businesses are now shifting towards internet and opting for online promotions in order to generate more leads and profits. One of the most popular forms of online promotions today is email marketing. In email marketing the prospects or audience are communicated electronically through mails. The business promotion mails are sent out to large number of recipients in bulk for the sake of enhanced profits and brand awareness. The only notorious thing about this act is the spam problem where some companies send useless information to millions of people who do not want to receive this information. The companies who follow this method of spam mailing are usually punishable. They could be banned from the internet itself, or from the search engines or from the web hosting company. So it is always advisable to not to use these illegal methods of advertising. Instead using the fair methods like permission email marketing could give your business the best drive while helping you maintain good customer relationships.

In permission based email marketing, the marketers get the permission of the recipients before sending them the business mails, newsletters or any other information. Here the email messages are only sent to the subscribers who requested them thus eliminating the negative consequences of unsolicited email messages or spam. Here usually the opt-in and double opt-in procedures are used to confirm the recipient’s interest in receiving messages. Additionally, the recipients are also allowed to unsubscribe at any time and all email messages are clearly identified as coming from the approved sender.

So as your potential customer has given you the permission to send emails, this is a totally legal and safest procedure of email marketing solution where in there is absolutely no fear of legal proceeding being taken against your company. The best advantage is that you are promoting your business only to those who are interested in your products and services and therefore this will save up your costs and time that might be spent unnecessarily in the case if you had opted for blind mass email marketing. Moreover this will not disturb your image as a spammer and will help improve your relationships and business with your existing clients in a fruitful way.

As compared to the traditional direct marketing programs which can take months for implementation and getting results, an efficiently designed permission email marketing campaign can be executed in days and will give results in reduced time. Even the number of emails sent are comparatively lesser in these permission marketing programs and therefore are easier to maintain, evaluate and track. A highly targeted opt-in email campaign will always result in better response rates than other types of online marketing because you are promoting only to your targeted prospects. Interests of both the recipients as well as businesses are saved through this procedure.

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