Sunday, September 2, 2012

Why and What Kind of Email Marketing Software Should You Use?

Email marketing is one of the most popular marketing methods. Most of companies today, both small and big are opting for email marketing process for improved business. This is because email marketing is a comparatively more affordable, faster, simple, effective and result oriented form of marketing. There are two options with which the companies today get their email marketing done. One is the email marketing software and other is email marketing service of another company. With email marketing services, one has to depend on third party and will have to spend repeatedly to keep their email marketing campaigns running which is not the case with email marketing software which can be purchased once and used for any number of times to run any number of email campaigns effectively without having to depend on someone else for the services.
Email marketing software allows sending of personalized bulk email messages to a multitude of subscribers or potential costumers thereby maximizing and speeding up the process of direct marketing.  It makes the task of frequent contact with potential customers much more efficient and easy. With email marketing software, one does not have to worry about sending out the mails frequently as campaigns can be custom scheduled go out in a few days, a few weeks or even a few months as per requirements. Most of the email marketing softwares come with a gamut of email templates, which can be used to make a business message appear more attractive, friendly or reliable. Email marketing software usually maintains database of subscriber information. From the database, mass emails can be easily sent out to a specific subscriber range and patterns among clients can easily be kept track of. An advanced email marketing software will also allow you to execute tasks like tracking of client responses, preferences, click rate, and fields visited by email recipients with which you can effectively monitor the success of your email marketing campaign.
Looking at all the above uses, it is obvious that using email marketing software will be very advantageous for business looking for online email promotion. But the question may arise out in your mind that what kind of software should you purchase or what are the features which you should look into while purchasing email marketing software.
While buying email marketing software, one should always prefer for efficient and affordable software from a reputed company. Always look out for the software that supports following features
  • Automatic storing of emails which can be edited later.
  • Variety of email templates and colorful professional themes for personalizing emails.
  • Sending of any type of communication mails including newsletters, special offers, follow-up emails, member notices, customer service announcements, affiliate emails, invitations etc.
  • Email authentication features which enable protection from spam, blacklists and filters.
  • Analytics tools which track all of your history and current live campaigns. Campaign monitoring options like tracking of client responses, preferences, click rate, and fields visited by email recipients etc.
  • Customized and unlimited email campaign and mailing lists creation.
  • Custom email scheduling.
  • Permission features such as double opt-in confirmation and one-click unsubscribe which gives one complete control of email marketing campaign.

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